HJR pot in Rose Quartz

50.600 BHD
  • My price includes a special packaging and a peperomias plant.
  • Height around 10 cm approx
  • Packaging ( wooden base with acrylic box) –  size varies between 22x22x12

Im the stone of unconditional love. I attract all types of love! And known to maintain relationships. I also symbolize to compassion, calmness, balance, and protection. I can also help with healing old negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy that may result from past experiences.

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15 - 22 Jun, 2024
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  • Plant care

You will receive an instructions card guiding you on how to take good care of the your peperomias plant.

  • I’m Natural!

My vase color varies from pale to dark. Also, Sometimes I’m transparent and sometimes I’m not. I’m a natural stone. Please don’t expect me to be perfect.

  • Care
  1. You can cleanse me by placing me under direct full moonlight.
  2. Get me stones that can cleanse me like Carnelian and Clear Quartz. (Place them beside me!!)
  3. Wipe me with a damped towel.