Mini Citrine with Amethyst base

22.000 BHD
  • Height varies from 17 to 20 cm.
  • My colors may vary from a piece to another too. 

I’m known as the stones of “Merchants” in ancient Chinese. Also known for the energy of prosperity, wealth and abundance. I can help with relieving fear and anxiety and well known to help you to think more clearly as well as bringing happiness, joy, and other positive things and situations into your life! I also have Amethyst! Im Amethyst, the most known for helping you with stress. Im also known to protect you against negativity and connect you spiritually to good and positive energy. I can help you with any sleeping issues and help you in getting over bad habits.

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  • I’m Natural!

My color varies from pale to dark yellow. Also, Sometimes I’m transparent and sometimes I’m not. I’m a natural stone. Please don’t expect me to be perfect. My size varies too sometimes.

  • Care
  1. Get me to avoid the hassle! I cleanse myself. Love me unconditionally though.